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Get creative and start decorating! These ecoresponsable posters are the best way to redo your decor while taking care of the environment! 

1, 2, 3, decorate!

How to plant your seed paper

Here's a few steps to make your seed paper become a wild flower / herbs. 

Step 1

Choose the perfect spot full of lighting (inside or outside)

Step 2

Add soil to your pot

Step 3

Add water to it and mix it to get the soil moist

Step 4

Add your card or plantable item on top and pour more humid soil

Step 5

Enjoy your gift like our beautiful friend here

Step 6

Don't forget to take care of it by watering it at least once a week 


Biodégradable ou compostable?
Biodégradable ou compostable?

By Karianne Giard on Aug 26, 2020

Consolez-vous, les voyages c’est polluant
Consolez-vous, les voyages c’est polluant

By Karianne Giard on Jul 15, 2020

Se rapprocher en faisant des pique-niques
Se rapprocher en faisant des pique-niques

By Karianne Giard on Jun 09, 2020

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Fast beautiful


I recived the cards 3 days after I ordered it. Ive got a beautiful sample of tea with it that was very nice ;)

About the Foxes | Card

Cool & cute


The card was super cute, 🥰 I love it and my father love 💕 it too!!

About the Piment Fort | Card 

Flowerink is fantastic!


I used to order a lot of different products from Flowerink. The quality is incredible and the pencils are so cute!

About the Lavender | Pencils

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Environmentally friendly

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Items that transform into flowers, can it get any more exciting? 



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